21. December 2021

Vote now for your favorite Green Prod­uct Award nominee

Voting for the Audience Award has begun for the Green Product Award 2022 and the Green Concept Award 2022. From a total of 1500 submissions from 54 countries, the 100 best green products and 100 best green concepts have been nominated. Among the nominees are 13 submissions from Bavaria! Vote now until January 31 for your favorite nominee. The winners of the public vote and the jury will be announced at a ceremony during Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) in spring 2022.

We present the nominated submissions from Bavaria:

Metamorphous: Reduce consumption and increase efficiency (Fashion category)
How can design influence the consumption of fashion? The Metamorphous collection addresses this question without denying clothing as a means of communicating and expressing the wearer's personal versatility. Instead, each garment becomes more efficient, transforming into different looks and adapting to the person in his daily life. The techniques of transformation are inspired by the processes of metamorphosis, which different species have already perfected as the ability to reshape their appearance to fit the demands of a new stage of life.
Design: Daniela van Gelder / Wasserburg
Level: Student
Institution: Berlin University of Applied Sciences


Easypisi Potty: The first potty with splash guard (Kids category)
The Easypisi is a novel product for the age-old method of "holding it". It is designed for newborns whose parents want a diaper-free upbringing. With Easypisi there is a double sustainable effect: parents use less to no diapers because they use the potty and Easypisi itself is made of 100% recycled material. What's more, Easypisi has a splash guard, which prevents boys in particular from spilling anything when going to the toilet.
Design: Julian Tresowski / Wolznach
Level: Start-up
Institution: Shells & Trees GbR


The Sion: A solar-powered e-car (Mobility category)
The Sion can generate an average of 112km/week from solar energy through its more than 248 solar cells seamlessly integrated into the body. Thanks to bi-directional charging, the Sion can not only absorb power but also deliver it, serving as a buffer storage. The factory-integrated sharing software in all Sions makes it possible to share a ride, the Sion or stored energy with others. With the Sion, Sono Motors aims to bring a disruptive yet affordable technology to the market so that everyone can contribute to sustainability.
Design: Laurin Hahn & Jona Christians / Munich
Level: Established
Institution: Sono Motors GmbH


from the ashes: A glass for future generations (Category New Materials)
Glass is often considered sustainable because it can be recycled seemingly endlessly. But in addition to an incalculable energy consumption, it requires problematic ingredients. Lime, which has a limited supply and is mined in gigantic mines with known problems. And soda ash, whose availability is changing dramatically due to climate change. from the ashes draws on endless resources in the form of waste: using wood ash from pizza bakers and mussel shells from restaurants, sand is turned into a glass that is energy-saving and truly recyclable.
Design: Benedikt Peirotén / Munich
Level: Student
Institution: ELISAVA Barcelona


Terracaps: The sustainable coffee capsule (Consumer Goods category)
Terracaps are certified bio-based, industrially compostable, oxygen-tight, CO₂-neutral and thus all-around sustainable coffee capsules for Nespresso machines. The vegan, GMO- and gluten-free capsules are made from a specially developed bio-plastic and have a particularly high oxygen barrier that protects the coffee for a long time. This combination of innovation, quality and sustainability is appreciated by numerous customers worldwide.
Design: Terracaps / Pullach im Isartal
Level: Established
Institution: Terracaps GmbH


CUP: Insulated stainless steel coffee-to-go cup (Kitchen category)
Can a cup of coffee change the world? This one does! The reusable CUP  is a minimalist, leak-proof coffee mug that keeps coffee warm for up to 3 hours without leaving a trace of plastic behind. Freely according to the motto: Grab a coffee, change the world.
Design: FLSK Products GmbH / Munich
Level: Established
Institution: FLSK Products GmbH


Reusable Hyaluron Pads: Effective wrinkle reduction with the first application (Consumer Goods category)
The Pads are made of 100% medical-grade silicone and are enriched with high-quality hyaluron as the only active ingredient. They are self-adhesive and are simply stuck on the dry, clean skin area. Thanks to the microclimate created there, the hyaluron can penetrate deep into the skin, moisturizes, stimulates blood circulation and cell renewal. The result: clinically proven wrinkle reduction. According to the manufacturer, all pads can be reused up to 30 times.
Design: APRICOT GmbH / Munich
Level: Established
Institution: APRICOT GmbH


Organic Fertilizer Alternative: Sustainable Gardening without Chemicals (Category Consumer Goods)
This organic fertilizer alternative is a 100% organic solution based on the plant growth-promoting Bacillus subtilis. Hand in hand with nature, Biotaurus makes plants grow and flourish better. All products are certified organic, vegan, animal-free, non-GMO, and 100% bee-friendly.
Design: Rapid Peaks / Großhelfendorf
Level: Start-up
Institution: Biotaurus GmbH


turn: Dosing device for solid shower soap (Category Consumer Goods)
The turn is an innovative doser for solid shower balls, the shower drops. When the turn is turned, a drop is obtained, which is completely used up during showering. The drops dissolve quickly, care for the skin with purely natural ingredients and spread a fresh scent. No drying process, no soap residues, no plastic waste and that with an almost playful application. Not only shower drops, also shampoos, hand soaps and much more are possible.
Design: Katharina Geißel / Overseas
Level: Start-up
Institution: turn of beauty GmbH


MYLK Oat Drink Machine: Low-emission oat drink for supermarkets (Consumer Goods category)
To make a carton of milk sustainable, the contents need to be changed. Oat drinks are a good alternative, but the transport weight of the water in the filled Tetra Paks causes high transport emissions and packaging emissions could be significantly reduced. The MYLK  vending machine enables the first fresh oat drink preparation in the supermarket. The oat mixture is mixed with water in the supermarket and thus reduces transport emissions compared to packaged oat drinks. Packaging emissions are eliminated as supermarket customers fill up their own bottles.
Design: Anastasia Egeressy / Neuried
Level: Student
Institution: Munich University of Applied Sciences


BOLST'air: The inflatable training cushion (Category Sports)
BOLST'air is an inflatable bolster cushion with patented pump technology. The innovative multifunctional cushion can accompany fitness, yoga and Pilates workouts, as well as travel and many other occasions. Without bulky pump unit or inflating by mouth, the BOLST'air can be adjusted to individual needs and desired internal pressure by means of integrated hand-pump movement. It is sewn by the Caritas Wendelstein Werkstätten in Rosenheim using recycled and biodegradable materials.
Design: Tobias Deckert / Siegsdorf
Level: Start-up
Institution: ShredRack GmbH


PLANETICS: Online marketplace for sustainable sporting goods (Category Sports)
PLANETICS is the first online marketplace for sustainable and fair sporting goods (apparel, equipment and nutrition). Thanks to the large selection and strict pre-selection, PLANETICS makes it easier than ever for customers to find and buy truly sustainable sporting goods. In addition, Planetics is working with various universities to make the environmental and social impact of each product even more measurable and comparable.
Design: Raphael Breitner / Munich
Level: Start-up
Institution: PLANETICS GmbH


Organic Oat Drink: plant-based beverage (Consumer Goods category)
Greenforce's vegan Easy Mix products become vegan meats like burgers, vegan drinks like organic oat drink or vegan eggs by simply adding water. Since the products do not require a cold chain, have a long shelf life and can therefore be produced in stock, they are even more sustainable than other plant-based products. In addition, the products are high in protein, made in Germany and climate-neutral.
Design: Thomas Isermann / Munich
Level: Start-up
Institution: GREENFORCE Future Meat & Fish GmbH
Vote until January 31 

These and all other nominated products and projects are now waiting for supporting votes. Voting is possible until January 31. Awards will be presented in 12 categories: Architecture/Tiny Houses, Working World, Fashion, Building Components, Interior/Lifestyle, Children, Consumer Goods/Personal Care, Kitchen, Mobility, New Materials and Sports. The winners of the public vote and the jury will be announced at a ceremony during Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) in spring 2022.

Since 2013, the international Green Product Award has honored products and services that stand out for their design, innovation and sustainability. The Green Concept Award in cooperation with the IKEA Foundation evaluates concepts by young designers and supports their further development.