Design connects - across national and functional borders

bayern design plays an active role in the following associations:

World Design Weeks
World Design Weeks is a network of more than 40 design weeks and festivals around the world. The purpose of the association is to connect the creative festivals which are hosted by growing cities and their partners, including academies and companies in the design sector. The goals are to promote cooperation in the field of design, support product development, and tap the potential of design as a creative economy.

Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA)
BEDA’s vision is to have design recognized as a driver of sustainable growth and wealth in Europe. BEDA has 54 members in 28 European countries. Members include design centers, publicly funded organizations, and specialist associations that promote design at the national or regional level. These trade associations represent designers in all design fields including industrial, interior, digital, and branding.

Deutscher Designtag e.V. (DT)
Deutscher Designtag e.V. is the umbrella organization of the specialist and trade associations and of design institutions in Germany. As a central interface for design, politics, and the corporate sector, DT promotes an understanding of design, embodying the value that design brings to the progress of society, the economy, and culture. DT participates in the design section of the German Cultural Council to contribute to the discourse with the federal government on questions that have societal, economic, and political relevance to Germany and its partners.

Universal Design Forum e.V.
Universal Design Forum e.V. sees itself as a moderator at the interface of the corporate sector, science, and society. In addition to universal design scenarios for private homes in condensed habitats, the association currently is focused on supporting demographic projects in a communal context and on promoting universal design at universities. Universal Design Forum e.V. is the co-founder of Institut für Universal Design in Munich.

Together we can achieve so much more

New European Bauhaus

The future of Europe depends on sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusivity. As an official partner of New European Bauhaus (NEB), a key initiative launched by the European Commission in January 2021, bayern design contributes to making Europe fit for the future.
With the launch of NEB, the EU Commission initiated a cross-divisional process aimed at transforming the way we live, work, and consume – from the ground up.


As part of this initiative, the countries and regions in the European Union are being offered a great opportunity to get involved proactively. This will allow them to highlight their own strengths in the innovative configuration of a sustainable economic and societal order pursuing the values of NEB.

This is particularly true for Bavaria and its dedicated and connected research and education landscape, its notable skills in technology development, its role as a strong and innovative business site and pioneer of digitization, its established broad culture and creative sector, and its civil society which is rooted in tradition and at the same time is future-oriented.

Jointly with its partners, bayern design is working to merge these varied perspectives and players effectively and to define a framework within which they are able to and want to promote shared visions and concrete measures for the design of a desirable future.