About us

bayern design is the international design competence center in Bavaria and provides a focal point for knowledge sharing and collaboration about design. Our projects are dedicated to highlighting the importance of the key role design plays in the management of economic, societal, and sustainable transformation.

Design connects
Design connects topics, disciplines, industries, and perspectives

bayern design understands design to be a constructing power in our society, an attitude, and an integral part of companies’ strategies and business organization.

Operating in Nuremberg and Munich, our interdisciplinary team is embedded in a robust network of designers in a variety of disciplines, design-oriented companies, start-ups, associations, chambers, and institutions.

About us

We have been organizing Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW), the largest event of its kind in Germany, since its inception in 2012. Designers and their clients see MCBW as a forum for inspiration and networking and a platform on which to present their skillsets.

Our aim is to turn our state into an internationally acclaimed site of innovation and design by strengthening and highlighting design competence in Bavaria. We also foster the funding of design activities by the state.

We at bayern design cultivate and moderate multidisciplinary networks and organize events, exhibitions, and trade fair appearances. We offer presentation opportunities and foster design education, training and research. We develop design contests and awards for the industrial and public sectors and we coordinate state-funded design projects.

bayern design is sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy and by bayern design forum e.V., a supporting association made up of representatives of design-oriented companies, design agencies, the industrial sector, and chambers of commerce.

As an internationally recognized center of design competence in Bavaria, bayern design also provides a pivot around which numerous partnerships, both global and local, take shape. It takes strong partners to give design a voice and to establish its potential around the world.