Through a variety of projects and formats, we at bayern design underscore the importance of design and the key role it plays in managing economic, societal, and sustainable changes.

We support the state of Bavaria’s funding of design activities and we foster connections among designers and stakeholders across disciplines, companies, universities, institutions, chambers, and associations. We also are active on an international level and are known and recognized as the port of call for all things design.

Information and inspiration

We offer knowledge and orientation concerning design. We highlight the enormous potential of design and show how designers contribute to managing the required economic, societal, and sustainable changes we face.

Using concrete examples, intelligible background knowledge, and insight into the world of design, we provide education about trends and offer momentum to inspiration.

Curation and presentation

We offer input concerning contemporary challenges and relevant topics to companies across industries and to the creative sector with its plethora of agencies, design and architectural firms, self-employed individuals, and freelancers. We provide motivation to drive strategies and measures that ensure better integration of design into processes and products.

Examples of best practices are an integral part of bayern design-organized events, speeches, exhibitions, and trade fairs. What better way to show how and why innovative design leads to success?

Dialog and networking

Design must be perceived more strongly as a relevant factor in business. Our growing network helps us create and moderate dialog among entrepreneurs and creatives; actors in chambers of commerce, associations, academia, and the sciences; and decision-makers in the political arena.

Our events, workshops, discussions panels and trade fair appearances offer design aficionados – from students to executives – the opportunity to meet in line with the guiding principle of Design connects. In this way we enhance the visibility of the creative sector and strengthen Bavaria as a site of design.

Consultation and promotion

We advise companies and actors in the creative sector regarding sponsorship opportunities and calls for tender. We support the recruitment of young professionals and specialists and we highlight the added value of offering opportunities for staff members to participate in design-related training.

We also are the point of contact when it comes to consultation regarding the Bavarian state’s funding of design. Business-oriented events in the form of design talks or entrepreneurs’ forums are eligible for funding as are public relations, business-oriented projects in the form of studies, conferences, workshops, trade fair participation, or exhibitions.

All the information regarding sponsorship terms and application requirements is available in the Funding of Design Activities section and on the website of the Bavarian Ministry of the Economy.