20. December 2020

MCBW START UP 2021: Design for Change

Start-ups and designers play a special role in the development of a sustainable and innovative economy and society. They develop trend-setting applications for new technologies or think and design cycles of products and services in a completely new way. Within the MCBW theme "Shaping Futures by Design", MCBW START UP 2021 is dedicated to the many ways in which young companies can help shape change and the future.

MCBW START UP presents and discusses sustainable, forward-looking and inspiring solutions and design approaches in an exhibition and a symposium.  Additional workshops offer concrete support, which is important for the successful development of start-ups. The start-up platform initiated by bayern design thus supports the exchange between design-oriented start-ups, designers and experts from the business world as well as a broad audience for the seventh time.

  • Exhibition:

The public exhibition provides an inspiring overview of current developments in the start-up scene in Bavaria. This year, the presentation primarily highlights ecologically and socially designed products as well as digital and technological applications from the fields of architecture, healthcare, interior design, artificial intelligence, mobility and fashion.

In a virtual exhibition space specially designed for MCBW START UP, all visitors are invited to interactively discover the presented products and services. The virtual exhbition space is open exclusively during the MCBW 2021.

Location: Virtual exhibition space
Date: March 6 - 14, 2021

  • Symposium:

The symposium will delve deeper into the topics of MCBW START UP in two thematic panels. Participants will discuss the role that design plays in translating key sustainable and innovative developments and technologies into tomorrow's products and services. With the focus on "Circular Design", the first panel examines how founders can design and produce products and services with new materials and along ecological cycles. The second panel will explore technical innovations in the fields of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Location: Live stream from the MCBW Forum at HFF Mücnhen.
Date: March 9, 2021, 3:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.
Moderation: N.N.

  • Workshops

Throughout the design week, cooperation partners will provide concrete assistance for the successful development of start-ups with short workshops, sprint sessions and coaching sessions. Based on design methods and creative techniques, the workshops offer a cross-disciplinary knowledge transfer for start-ups and future founders.

Details about dates, workshops and registration will follow.