first tues­day in November:

digital connectivity in urban quarters

3. November 2020
10:00 – 17:00

People in need of care and carers often do not have access to the best ideas from companies, start-ups and the design industry. The initiative first tuesday wants to create a platform for better networking of care, start-ups and design competence, so that innovations in the areas of care and elderly care are anchored in the long term.

At the upcoming online meeting on Tuesday, November 3 from 10:00 - 11:00, the topic of digital connectivity in the neighborhood will be addressed.

Norman Sahl from the Thelen Group, a project developement and real estate portfolio management firm, will give an introductory talk on the topic. The family-owned company group from Essen focuses on the development, realization, marketing, administration and management of real estate and is also active in the area of urban quarters throughout Germany.

Dr. Eileen Goller from the Pflegestützpunkt Schwabach (nursing care base) formulates the needs and requirements from the perspective of carers and people in need of care.

Frank Thiele, partner at the design studio factor product and responsible for strategy, will present solution ideas. The goal of his work is to help companies harness the full potential of design. He sees design not as an end product, but as an activity to develop solutions that inspire people, position brands and make organizations more successful.

A second solution impulse comes from Torsten Anstädt, managing director of the start-up company mitpflegeleben. The service platform provides affected persons, relatives and providers* with answers to questions on the topic of care and directly communicates regional offers from service providers in the social economy.

On every first tuesday of the month, stakeholders from the care sector meet digitally with companies, start-ups and designers to develop practical solutions. Each event presents two innovators of offers and need. Results will be presented in 2021 at the Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) and the Altenpflege-Messe in Nuremberg.

The series is a cooperation with the C&S Institute, the Institute for Universal Design and the Vincentz Network.

Registration for the free online event is now open.