The EU´s Green Deal and Design


The European Green Deal and how it impacts design. Bowie Miles is a sustainability expert with many years of experience in the apparel and shoe industry. Bowie will give you an outlook into how new EU legislation will impact design in the upcoming years and how we can all profit from the long awaited changes the EU has decided.

The time is now for us to change the industry. EU legislation, designing, greenwashing, consumer awareness or brand responsibility – these topics will be broken down into bite sized pieces for you to digest. Therefore, the workshop is intended to provide orientation and awareness for the basics of the EU Green Deal – a simplified translation for you. In particular, giving you the opportunity to be the positive change and shift your mindset to adapt to the future – which is actually now.

The workshop organised by bayern design is tailored for (industrial, product and material) designers as well as for employees from the areas of quality assurance, product and material development in various sectors.

The first part of the workshop will deal with the understanding the basics of EU Green Deal legislation and its building blocks. Breaking it down for products, textiles and circularity (including acronyms and timelines) and explaining that a material change is not always the best solution. After this introduction, participants will be able to delve deeper into the development, the impact of decisions and develop sustainable scenarios.

The workshop will also include an outlook by the speaker on the mega trends and shifts in the industry. Ensure you become empowered to take the next steps within your industry.

Tickets for Euro 39,- (Euro 19,- for students and members of bayern design forum e.V.) are available here.

Please note that the workshop will be in English.

Sponsored by the City of Nuremberg/Nuremberg Economic Development Corporation.

Bowie Miles

Since studying textiles at school, Bowie was inspired to join the textile industry and understood the need to drive for a better planet. She has experience in design, yarn and fabric design, manufacturing and product development through to retail, innovation and trend directions. Her personality allows Bowie to embrace new challenges and create a positive impact by bringing people with her.