first tues­day in October

Interior Design for all ages

6. October 2020

In the second largest district of Wennigsen, Bredenbeck with about 3,100 inhabitants (20km south of Hannover), a strong economic and social change has taken place in the last years: In addition to the closure of all four restaurants, some handicraft businesses and stores, a considerable demographic change has also taken place. A residential area analysis from 2012 and a socio-demographic analysis from 2014 found a strong ageing population, a very high single household rate of 54% (of which 91% without children) and a lack of communication and meeting places.
The initial situation of insufficient infrastructure, social anonymization and spatial separation of the inhabitants led to the initiation of this project: a communitiy center for citizens of all ages.

At October's first tuesday session design impulses come from Réka Visnyei, owner of the Munich interior design office IN puls. Detlef Meier of EMB Leuchten from Bückeburg in Lower Saxony contributes technical suggestions. Dr. Andreas Weber, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Development of the Convivo Group from Bremen, Germany, is contributing the intro.

The idea behind first tuesday: People in need of care and nursing staff often cannot access the best ideas from companies, start-ups and the design industry. The initiative first tuesday wants to create a platform for a better networking of care, start-ups and design competence, so that innovations in the areas of care and elderly care are anchored in the long term.

Every first tuesday ("first tuesday") of the month, players from the care sector, companies, start-ups and the design industry come together digitally to develop practical solutions. Each event presents two innovators of supply and demand. The results are to be presented in 2021 at the events Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) in Munich and the Altenpflege-Messe in Nuremberg.

The series will be held in cooperation with the C&S Institute, the Institute for Universal Design and the Vincentz Network.