Design Up your Busi­ness – Acqui­si­tion Meth­ods and Strategies


The workshop series hosted by bayern design is all about current methods and approaches that make companies fit for the future through design competencies and targeted creative techniques. The workshops address product, communication, interface and media designers offering their creative services through their small businesses as well as industrial designers, architects, interior designers and SMEs.

On October 22, Susanne Diemann will share her methods at the Design Up your Business – Acquisition Methods and Strategies Online/Offline workshop.

Many creative people consider professional self-marketing, approaching potential clients and acquisition to be special challenges in their daily work. To obtain orders and win clients, creative companies need a customized acquisition strategy attuned to their business.

For economic success over the long term, creative businesses need to identify their key marketing tools: a convincing profile, a clear position, the right markets, and a suitable acquisition strategy.

In this workshop, creative businesses will learn about the main tools of diverse online and offline acquisition methods, which acquisition measures are sensible for their companies, and how the tools are employed to win clients in a targeted manner.

Being well prepared for a contract interview in person is the be all and end all of professional client acquisition. In the workshop, participants will train diverse methods for approaching clients and learn argumentation strategies including effective responses to excuses and objections.

Participants also will familiarize themselves with diverse tools for using their convincing appearance and successful client communication for professional self-marketing. Creative resources and personal potential will be repurposed to strengthen the company’s profile. Information will be given on how to address important multipliers to promote future acquisitions.

Following a target group analysis, an individualized online and offline strategy for client acquisition will be developed based on an acquisition manual. The workshop will be rounded off with practical tips on acquiring jobs and meeting potential clients.


  • Where and how can I reach potential clients?
  • What are my niche markets?
  • Which online acquisition methods make sense for my business?
  • What channels do I use for professional self-marketing?
  • Preparing and training acquisition interviews
  • Argumentation aids: dealing with excuses and objections
  • How do recommendations work?
  • How can I use my creative potential for my acquisition activities?
  • Developing an acquisition strategy for your creative business
  • Strengthening your personal profile based on your portfolio (web and print)