Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW), the largest design event in Germany, has come to an end after a nine-day marathon event with 170 individual activities in various formats, 100 speakers, 160 program partners, 40 registered design shops, and many visitors. Postponed until May, MCBW took place in summery temperatures, enabling participants to view the city through a design lens inside and in the open air. For the organizer, bayern design, the event was favorable for experts and the public alike.

MCBW PUBLIC SPACE – popular, public, interactive

Moving Horizons, the motto of MCBW 2022, also was reflected in MCBW PUBLIC SPACE. The 38-meter-long swing installation set up in the center of Kunstareal München was used approximately 33,000 times. Implemented by OHA (Office Heinzelmann Ayadi), this prominently placed eyecatcher conveyed the event’s guiding theme in a spirited and approachable manner. Along with the rest of this year’s MCBW, this attraction drew attention to a whole new lifestyle propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic and other crises: uncertainty due to shifting norms and the need as well as the opportunity to act flexibly in the face of it – and the courage to tackle things in a new way. Lisa Braun, Director of MCBW, commented: “The idea was to illustrate this year’s motto, Moving Horizons, and restore a feeling of lightness for the public.”

Personal encounters were possible again

The joy of being able to meet in person again was palpable at MCBW MEET & GREET. This opening networking event followed a new talk format, MCBW TALK & CONNECT, which addressed desires for emotionally and collaboratively created models and workstyles to cope with necessary technical, sustainable, and cultural changes. “At interdisciplinary talks experts, including Wolfgang Lotter, Ursula Tischner, Sina Port, and Francesca Bria, discussed options for using design actively in personal, scientific, and entrepreneurial settings,” Nadine Vicentini, Managing Director of bayern design, recapped.

Premium-level promotion of young professionals

Focus was not only on opportunities for dialog among established designers. The three-day hybrid SCIENCE MOONSHOT workshop was designed by VEREIN INNOVATION 4.X to promote young professionals altruistically, supported by teams of researchers who shared their cumulative know-how and skills, complementing all business trades and requirements. The result was a force to be reckoned with: As part of the Lumobag system created by Czech-Austrian physicist Radko Pavlovec, special sunlight reflecting sandbags are being placed in desert regions to help reach the global 1.5 degree target. However, Pavlovec believes the project in no way replaces decarbonization of the earth’s atmosphere, an endeavor that has to be addressed at the same time.

Tested and proven

Popular agenda items again were included in MCBW. For example, DESIGNWALK connected several analog stations – design shops and creative workshops – at Munich’s attractive Glockenbachviertel district via an audio guide. A host of visitors took this walking tour individually over the duration of MCBW.

The economic relevance of design

The economic aspect was included this year as well: In a quantitative study conducted in the run-up to MCBW organizer bayern design explored the influence of design on the economy. “Looking back on the COVID crisis years, the economic situation and the orders on hand, the revenue, and the employment situation all were significantly better than expected,” says Vicentini. “However, the recommendations for action show the need to enhance communication of the potential of design-related consulting services because currently the corporate sector is not taking advantage of them to the extent it could.”

Looking ahead to 2023

MCBW will continue in 2023: From May 6 to 14 Munich again will be transformed into a lively design festival with coveted successful formats and brand-new content.