10. December 2021

bay­ern design Part­ner of New Euro­pean Bauhaus

The European future should be sustainable, aesthetic and inclusive. bayern design is now also contributing to this as an official partner of the New European Bauhaus, the European Commission's major initiative for a sustainable design of Europe.

With the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative launched in January 2021, the EU Commission has initiated a multidisciplinary process that aims to fundamentally change the way we live, work and consume.

The design of the initiative is still in its early stages. It currently offers the states and regions of the Union a great opportunity to become proactively involved in this development context, to actively shape it and to highlight their own strengths for the innovative shaping of a sustainable economic and social order in the sense of the NEB values.

This applies in particular to Bavaria with its differentiated and networked research and education landscape, its high level of expertise in the area of technology development, its role as a strong and innovative business location, a pioneer of digitization, a broadly established cultural and creative industry, and a civil society that draws on tradition but is also forward-looking.

The great challenge now is to fruitfully bring together these different perspectives and actors and to create a framework in which they can and want to work on common visions and concrete measures for shaping a desirable future.

bayern design is now tackling this challenging task in cooperation with other partners by creating a focal point that is to drive the development and implementation of a Bavarian NEB strategy on topics related to the "big" future topics of the "European House" - such as housing, mobility, digitization, integration, nutrition - and position and profile the state within the European initiative.

Those interested in cooperation and participation can now contact bayern design and thus become part of this great European initiative. Your contact person is Dr. Kilian Steiner.