21. March 2019

And the iF Awards went to

The 65th iF Awards ceremony was a celebration of the members of bayern design. One of the coveted golden trophies was presented to each of at-design/Siemens, designaffairs, HEWI, and Phoenix. A highlight was that the successful cooperation between bayern design members at-design and Siemens led to both partners receiving another five iF Awards. Siemens was the undisputed Bavarian winner of the evening. Its partnerships with designaffairs, Fluid and hw.design were honored with one iF Award each. Siemens was also pleased to receive three more iF Awards. That made Siemens the undisputed Bavarian winner of the evening with 12 Awards.

Other iF Award winners included designaffairs (2), geobra Brandstätter (1), hw.design (2), Phoenix (6), and Rosenthal (1).

iF CEO Ralph Wiegmann started the ceremony by honoring bayern design members Rosenthal and Siemens for their 65 years of loyalty to iF.

A lively party held at BMW Welt’s Double Helix rounded out the glamorous event which again was among the highlights of Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW).