11. May 2021

A dif­fer­ent kind of award

The German Designer Club e.V. (DDC for short) is launching a new design competition entitled WAS IST GUT. The DDC says in its announcement that it is not looking for chic, high-gloss solutions that would normally have earned an award 'by all the rules of art'. Rather, they want projects that they have always wanted to do because they are good and important. The projects can be small or large, crazy or realistic. The main thing is that they want to improve the world, because designers can make an important contribution to this.

With this call, the DDC addresses designers and students of all disciplines as well as people interested in design, non-profit institutions and facilities, NGOs, self-employed people and companies - in fact, everyone.

In addition to the content of this competition, the selection of the award winners is also different. A jury first examines the works for formal aspects. The final nomination and the selection of the winner is made by the
by the participants of the workshop and the symposium. Three jurors per category will be nominated, who will later also act as moderators in the workshops. The names will be announced before the selection process begins. The jurors / moderators do not participate in the competition themselves.

The challenge in the three submission categories Product, Space and Communication is: How do we design meaningful things? How do we design sustainable living environments? How do we enable social relationships?

The deadline for entries is 30.06.2021. Further information can be found on the DDC website.