With the X-D-E-P-O-T, the Neue Sammlung, the design museum in the Pinakothek der Moderne, is opening a new room that can be used in a variety of ways and in which it will show a total of around 30 design themes with around 600 objects. Many of the objects and contents presented in the X-D-E-P-O-T have not been presented before. These include objects from the collection areas of tools, packaging, gaming or secondary architecture, material studies on carbon, wickerwork, metal or industrial ceramics, object examples on the colors red and green, current topics such as medical design, sustainability or protection. Among the exhibited designers are numerous members of bayern design, including Designaffairs, Fluid Design, Hyve, Moormann, Rosenthal, Siemens, Steelcace (Coalesse).

The X-D-E-P-O-T, which is open to the public, offers many new possibilities. The Neue Sammlung shows its collection on a larger scale and thus presents it even more comprehensively - and in a very specific and original way. Like picture sequences, objects are brought into constellations that visualize various themes. These include material, form, and color contexts as well as design categories, contemporary styles, and current discourses. Visitors gain insights into the history of the collection of the oldest design museum in the world as well as into the thematic issues of modern and contemporary design.

With the X-D-E-P-O-T, the Neue Sammlung also enters into the current debates about the shape of (design) museums. For museums, and design museums in particular, are no longer understood as institutions that merely statically present their holdings as a final result. Rather, what is currently at stake is the creation of architectures that allow for different semantics in terms of space, time, and narration. In the X-D-E-P-O-T, the things exhibited and presented tell a different story, of their diversity, of the simultaneity of the non-simultaneous, of the process of an idea and its realization.

Since September 10, the X-D-E-P-O-T can also be experienced digitally with an app that includes all exhibited objects, a 360° video, short films by the curators, an interview with architect Wilfried Kuehn, online tours, an Instagram filter, and a digital soundboard. Thus, the X-D-E-P-O-T can also be experienced independent of time and place.

Architects: Kuehn Malvezzi
Idea and concept: Angelika Nollert, Josef Straßer
Curators: Caroline Fuchs, Petra Hölscher, Angelika Nollert, Rosa Carole Rodeck, Josef Straßer


Rights: Die Neue Sammlung, room view X-D-E-P-O-T Photo Gerhardt Kellermann