Fach­Pack 2019: Envi­ron­men­tal­ly-Friend­ly Pre­mi­um Packaging


NürnbergMesse GmbH, Messezentrum 1, 90471 Nürnberg
24. September 2019 – 26. September 2019
09:00 – 17:00

Special Exhibition on Environmentally-Friendly Premium Packaging


During FachPack 2019, NürnbergMesse and bayern design will present the special show Environmentally-Friendly Packaging in the Premium Sector in hall 8. The exhibition will illustrate how packaging design enables sustainable packaging design through conception, realization and other different approaches.

The packaging industry is developing, thanks to the public interests, innovative ideas and concepts for packaging, demonstrating new opportunities and ways to accommodate the trend and the dynamics of sustainable packaging. This creates new forward-looking and creative designs that inspire visitors.

The exhibits are divided into five categories, which provide an overview of different approaches to Environmentally-Friendly Packaging in the Premium Sector. They aim to show how a successful brand identity, first-rate design and sustainable packaging can help to achieve harmony. The curated exhibition will follow these five guiding themes:

  • Recycling packaging
  • Resource-saving materials
  • Reusable packaging and systems
  • (New) environmentally-friendly processes
  • Design as added value

The presented innovations describe new trends and impulses from the packaging industry and are divided into the areas material, value, processes and idea creator.

Recycling packaging:
Packaging is entirely or partly made of raw materials. Recycled materials have previously been declared as waste, and now gain a new benefit through a sustainable processing.

Resource-saving materials:
Worldwide the use of natural, progressively and scarce resources increases constantly. The raw material extraction goes over the processing, towards the design of the products, trade and consumption. As well as the re-use or the disposal of raw materials are all influenced by design and thoughtful packaging.

Reusable packaging and systems:
The principle of reusing has been applied for thousands of years and it remains expandable. It plays an essential role in the packaging industry and opens new markets. The different exhibits show problems as well as the design diversity of reusable packaging and systems.

(New) environmentally-friendly processes:
Packaging can be a marketing tool, deliver information, protect, act as a transportation agent, attract attention and support an overall concept. Also here innovative concepts for design are finding ways to enter the market.

Design as added value: Design creates added value!