1. October 2019

DIS­COV­ER­ERS exhi­bi­tion inaugurated

Design in sports is a determining element, the interface between humans and technology. bayern design has dedicated DISCOVERERS, the fourth component of the exhibition series Bayern gestaltet / Bavaria designs, to this topic. Nine forward-looking projects co-created by companies in Bavaria that illustrate the amalgamation of sports and gaming through innovative materials, wearables and exhibits will be showcased until November 21, 2019 at Munich Airport (Terminal 2, Level 04, Check-In Area South). DISCOVERERS will be complemented by a presentation of a smart city to be developed on the airport grounds – LabCampus, a center of innovation for companies, research institutions, start-ups, and creative people.

A symbiosis of fitness, health and technology
Because having a fit and healthy body is a key indicator of lifestyle, technology in this field is evolving rapidly. These nine exhibits aim at making everyday life easier and promoting health.

SNAP, a smart wearable created by designer Robert Dabi of Schwaig who explores interaction and communication in a radio-ready environment. It is a wearable device that links the interaction between people and the objects near them such as door locks, lights, or bicycles. The small device, which can be clipped to a belt, can open the digital lock on a bicycle when swiped over it.

The lightweight electric-drive bicycle Straßenfeger S4 E created by high-tech enterprise Electrolyte of Baiern turns the commute to work into an athletic exercise. The hybrid bike combines state-of-the-art technology with craftsmanship. When the electric engine is activated, the patented Electrolyte drive unit made of CNC-machined parts facilitates a range of up to 100 km at the push of a button as well as tailwind. Because the motor can be disengaged, the Straßenfeger S4 E can be maneuvered effortlessly even when the battery is empty.

GORE-TEX 3D technology is a sock-like insert developed by the Putzbrunn, Germany branch of GORE-TEX of Newark (U.S.A.). It contours to the shape of the foot. The material is windproof, waterproof, and breathable, making for an extremely foot-friendly climate. GORE-TEX 3D waterproofs even knitted and mesh exterior footwear textiles.

Hip apparel recycled from plastic bottles: With its First Mile collection of innovative materials, PUMA of Herzogenaurach has taken upcycling to a new level. PUMA and First Mile support low-income communities in Taiwan, Haiti, and Honduras where used plastic bottles are collected and then recycled into polyester yarn for the textile industry. With their sophisticated properties, footwear and apparel made from this yarn are designed to be worn outdoors.

8sense of Rosenheim has developed a digital fitness coach consisting of a wearable, a small clip, and a smartphone app, to prevent muscle tension. The background: Many people spend most of their workdays sitting at desks which makes them susceptible to such tensions. Users can attach the clip to the back neck area of their clothing and control it through the 8sense program. When users feel the vibration triggered by the clip, they are encouraged to change their position and follow the instructions on their smartphones. The posture shift becomes part of a routine that combines sports and gaming in one fitness device.

ICAROS Home and TERA, two pieces of sports equipment designed for working out at home, also integrate playful elements into fitness activities. Featuring an Active VR system, ICAROS Home, made by ICAROS of Munich, can turn dreams of flying into reality by taking the user to a virtual world. The user puts on VR lenses, grips the handles, and maintains a horizontal position on the device while traveling through a selection of simulated landscapes or race scenarios; the user’s upper-body musculature is firmed almost in passing.

FLUID of Munich has designed TERA, an elegant wool rug that can be turned into a personal trainer on demand when activated via an app. A digital fitness coach leads the user through yoga, Pilates, or Thai Bo exercises. Orientation is provided by sections of the mat which blink. the sports exercises are displayed via a touchpad

For ambitious athletes Tripstix of Oberhaching has developed an inflatable SUP board. The boards consist of several air and vacuum chambers connected via a system of tubes. As opposed to conventional inflatable boards, thanks to its patented VacuuAir technology Tripstix is extremely stable and even can be used for surfing.

In addition, the latest technical developments with appealing designs in rehabilitation and fitness gear will be showcased at Discoverers. LUXXUM, a medical device developed by FREI AG to support fitness, has been overhauled by N+P design agency of Munich. FREI AG’s dependable technology has been adjusted ergonomically and re-engineered using high-quality materials. The integrated hydraulic weight-plate absorption ensures virtually soundless training. Because LUXXUMʹs handling and fine-tuning is intuitive, the device can be used by professional athletes to train their large muscle groups as well as by those in need of physical therapy and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Discoverers will run until November 21, 2019 at Terminal 2, Level 04, Check-In Area South. The last exhibition of the five-part Smart Living series will open in late November and close in early 2020.