CAN­CELLED — MCBW START UP 2020 — Workshops

Founder Workshops and Exhibition

9. March 2020 – 14. March 2020
10:00 – 19:30

MCBW START UP will be accompanied by the TOOLS FOR FOUNDERS workshop series, in which experts from a wide range of fields will share their knowledge on topics such as business planning, design management, crowdfunding and many more, thus providing founders with the decisive tools they need for a successful start.

The TOOLS FOR FOUNDERS will take place from March 9 until 14, 2020 in the event locations IHK Munich, MATES, HFF Munich, University of Applied Sciences Munich and COKREA.

The detailed description and registrations for the individual workshops can be found in the MCBW 2020 program.

Starting in February, the MCBW START UP exhibition on Level 04 in the public area of Terminal 2 at Munich Airport displays a broad selection of Bavaria's landscape of start-ups. Twenty selected start-ups will present themselves and their product ideas.