Info-Meeting-Point and a design shop premiere at the MCBW

Curtains up for the first design shop of Munich Creative Business Week

oursuperstore, the design shop with a twist, celebrates its premiere at the MCBW FORUM. The Institute for Universal Design presents close to 30 curated products developed and produced by social enterprises in cooperation with designers. Visitors will see eye-candy designs and get the opportunity to shop! As a welcome side-effect, each purchase supports the social economy.

The MCBW FORUM at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF) is the first point of contact to gather information on the MCBW program. In addition, it’s a vibrant meeting point for design lovers as well as for the professional audience offering manifold inspiring program items. The MCBW Steelcase Lounge again provides the ideal space for networking activities, and after last year’s great success, also the MCBW DESIGNKINO (DESIGN CINEMA) is ready for round two – this time with the focus areas fashion, architecture, design in films, and, of course, the animago AWARDs 2019 best-of.

The multi-faceted program offers numerous highlights for the professional audience. At “MUCBOOK Creative Night“, the creative scene of Bavaria meets to network. At the evening of the MCBW Partner District, global enterprises located in the Lower-Bavarian region of Landshut introduce themselves. During the “Recruiting Days“, leading design agencies, enterprises and the Munich University discuss how the right employees meet the right employer. DESIGNERDOCK, an HR consulting firm for the entire communications industry, is available to answer questions revolving around the job topic at one of the info points. COKREA invites the American journalist and writer Cal Fussman to Munich. He explains how storytelling, genuine curiosity and the ability to ask good questions create unique design, grow new business and establish lasting relationships. The Corporate Language Institute deals with the related topic of “Language Design“ and the opportunities of a brand that has its own language. Last, but not least, the “Forward Festival“ brings together the best international and national creative minds.

But also for the non-professional, design-savvy public, there is a lot to see and to experience. For example, the “Vogl Creatives“ exhibition, which illustrates what the favorite design objects of renowned creative professionals look like. In this exhibition, the Vogl printing house tells individual stories about the relationship between man and product, visualized in cards of such unique artistry that makes them design objects themselves.

How to introduce kids and young people to the topic of design is the focus of the open cartoon workshop “Stop-Motion-Trickfilmstudio“ organized by the team of Kinderkunsthaus (Kids Art House): the kids will knead characters, design a background and actually shoot an animated cartoon, which then can be uploaded to the Kinderkunsthaus YouTube channel – and in the twinkle of an eye, their debut film goes viral!

To those who care for a self-ironic glance at the world of design, Prof. Markus Frenzl’s book reading is a must-go. In his recently published book “Designerglück“ (Designer’s Bliss), he addresses design-specific phenomena and the absurdity of designs, satirizes buzzwords and hypes of the design scene. The author won’t even shy away from asking what the golden curtains in Trump’s Oval Office say about his leadership style.