What if …?


The countryside not only is a romanticized place of longing, it also is an environment in which people live and work and serves for recreation as well as for producing food. From a critical perspective, rural areas find themselves somewhere between overexploited and deserted and are either glorified or forgotten by politics.

However, rural regions provide the space and reserves for future development. Rem Koolhaas discovered the topic as his new field of research. The amount of space available in urban areas is dwindling and only a small percentage of value chains remains in the major cities. Even though we need rural areas, we often exploit them carelessly and irresponsibly.

Most people in rural areas are not aware of the role or the value of their regions, which are crushed by new housing estates, industrial parks and industrial agriculture. Most small cities do not fare any better as they tend to suffer especially from the disadvantages of both urban and rural areas. What perspectives are available?

What if creation and design took place with a political dimension in mind? What if politics returned to creating? What if rural areas gained urban qualities and vice versa? What if we were better at shaping the world?

At Stadt.Land.Schluss., diverse disciplines, institutions and people are represented at the podium and in the auditorium to avoid having designers speak to designers and beekeepers to beekeepers and to ensure they all speak with each other. The matter at issue is creation, namely design, architecture, sociology, philosophy, agriculture, regional development, tourism and many more topics.

The event is sponsored by bayern design and the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy.