24. May 2019


Three young talents from Bavaria will present their projects in the VDID NEWCOMERS’ AWARD 2019 HONORED category:

  • Pauline Alt will exhibit Wavelet, a device that shows swimmers the optimal breathing technique during the crawl. This bachelor thesis project was conducted at Munich University of Applied Sciences under Professor Florian Petri.
  • Michael Beha will present KUODA, a gaming device that facilitates the perception of senses via the neck skin. Beha conducted this project in his 7th semester at Coburg University under Professor Peter Raab in cooperation with cherry GmbH of Auerbach/Oberpfalz.

A special HONORABLE MENTION VDID NEWCOMERS’ AWARD 2019 / VDID CODEX prize will go to Johanna Gieseler for Yeppa, a speculative design project aimed at fueling the debate on bioethics and simulating a start-up for optimized epigenetics. Gieseler completed her master thesis at Munich Technical University under Dipl. Des. (FH) Tobias Förtsch.

The VDID NEWCOMERS’ AWARDS honors students’ outstanding performance and offers industrial designers-to-be a platform and the support they need for a successful start to their careers. The jury will select the best student projects and theses completed at universities in Germany between 2017 and 2019. Entrants were allowed to choose their topics, and their works could be in any segment of product and industrial design. From among 198 entries of young designers studying at 30 universities, the jury selected four equivalent main prizes in the VDID NEWCOMERS’ AWARD 2019 WINNER category and four acknowledgment prizes in the VDID NEWCOMERS’ AWARD 2019 HONORED category.