Increasing digitization across industries deeply impacts all areas of our lives. Services have become central factors of innovation in society and the economy for growth and for quality of life.

To differentiate themselves from their competitors, successful companies are investigating the experiences of the users of their products and/or services. Service design is a powerful approach to innovation which helps businesses develop user experiences in line with customers’ and market requirements. Human resources departments offering in-house services for employees, executives, and their customers (applicants), also face new challenges. Innovative service design can help them optimize internal processes and develop reasonable solutions.

The speaker will provide answers to these questions:

  • What is service design and how is it applied?
  • What are the benefits of service design and how has the process been implemented successfully in human resources departments?
  • What is employee experience?


Speaker: Dr. Tina Weisser
Innovation consultant and university lecturer Dr. Tina Weisser has supported companies with their development and implementation of innovative services and products for 18 years. Weisser draws on her engineering and humanities experience (she has a degree in architecture and studied psychology) and her doctoral thesis on service design. Her work focuses on user-centered innovation, service design strategies and their implementation, and systemic organizational development. Weisser is a consultant, coach, and facilitator of transformation projects in the field of human-centered design and digitization.