Now in Nurem­berg: Addi­tive Man­u­fac­tur­ing. From Design to Process.

The next informative soirée titled Additive Manufacturing. From Design to Process. will take place at Zollhof in Nuremberg, hosted by bayern design, Bayern Innovativ and Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern (ZD.B). The convergence of generative design, additive manufacturing, IoT and data analytics provides users of additive manufacturing, designers and creative people with new 3D printing options.

Additive manufacturing begins long before the selection of a suitable process; the first step is drafting a new product. The high level of freedom of design facilitates the realization of constructions that were not possible in the past. This requires us to rethink the way we design components. First, the material has to be selected, then the properties need to be defined, and then we have to decide on the right process. This is where we encounter challenges, not least because of the multitude of potential processes.


  • 4:30 p.m.: Registration / welcome coffee
  • 5:00: Welcome
  • bayern design, Bayern Innovativ, ZD.B/BICCnet
  • 5:15: The Value of Design in Digitization, Matthias Nirschl, Lumod GmbH

Digitization is disrupting the product landscape, entire species of products are becoming dematerialized, and computer-generated design opens the door for algorithm-based solutions. Brand design is competing with individualized/personal design. Users seek help from virtual assistants and present their shopping decisions to them. What role do designers play in this future scenario? How can design create value if computers are put in charge of creating shapes? The function and value creation of design is transforming along with the drastically changing environment. If employed correctly and integrated into the design process, generative design tools can reduce costs, foster innovation and create value.

  • 5:45: Driving the Future – Are you ready for Radical Innovations?, Lars Langhans, FIT AG
  • 6:15: Application and Manufacturing Compatible Construction for Metal Powder Bed Fusion, Harald Schmid, Gramm UG
  • 6:45: Optimizing Product Design with the IoT, Erich Holzinger, Woodmark Consulting AG
  • 7:15: Industry 4.0 Training Platform: Transfer of AM Research to Disruptive Innovations, Dr. Paul Gromball, TMG München Global Resourcing GmbH
  • 7:30: Get-together

Participation in the event is free.