When it comes to smartphones or cars, we know the decisive role good design plays in increasing the value of a product and thus its commercial success. When it comes to perfume, the design of the glass flacons can make all the difference.

HEINZ-GLAS GmbH & Co. KGaA (Kleintettau), producer of glass flacons and other uniquely designed glass objects, will be the centerpiece of the next Erfolg durch Design event organized as part of the Coburger Reihe. HEINZ-GLAS, owned and operated by the Heinz family since 1622, has always linked excellent quality with sustainability. Participants in the design meeting in Kleintettau will be provided with insight into the company’s designs and the production and finishing of glass flacons for the perfume and cosmetics industries. In small groups, company representatives will have the opportunity to establish relevant personal contacts with designers and vice versa. Refreshments will be offered at a get-together after the event, along with ample time for a vigorous exchange of ideas.

Registration until August 20, 2019: pridoehl@designovation.eu