15. March 2019

Ten­dence 2019 — talents

Designers from the fields of handicrafts and craftwork, design and jewellery are invited to apply for a booth in the talents area. In addition to free exhibition space, in a special designed area, the talents-programme offers participants a high-grade platform for networking, obtaining direct feedback and making important contacts to trade and industry.

The promotional programme is open to all craftspeople and designers, who are not yet fully established in the sector on a commercial basis. Participation is free of charge. Applications should submit their completed application form, together with photographs that give a clear idea of their products, to the e-mail address given. The diversity of participants chosen will ensure that a broad variety of designs are exhibited in the display. Acceptance or rejection for the promotional programme will be made by email approx. two weeks after the registration deadline. Participation in the promotional programme is not transferrable.

Deadline: Deadline: March 28, 2019