11. April 2019

Gmund Award 2019

For the sixth time Gmund Paper is going on a global quest for the best print and paper products. Effective immediately, entrants are welcome to submit their most creative, innovative and technically refined objects printed on Gmund paper.

This year’s Gmund Awards follow the claim Make your work famous. The entries will be the stars and presented to a large audience. Nominated projects will be exhibited during the awards ceremony, and the names of the winners will be communicated via a variety of channels.

All entries must be based on any of Gmund’s current collections. Print shops, designers, agencies and brands are invited to enter the contest.

Criteria for evaluation:

The jury, made up of external and internal experts in the paper and print industry, will evaluate the implementation, market success and quality of the finishing. Additional criteria include the level of creativity, innovation, design and the quality of the prints on Gmund paper.


The Gmund Awards will again be presented in several categories: CORPORATE for catalogs and company and product presentations; BUSINESS COMMUNICATION for company stationery; MAILING for invitations and Christmas cards, for example; PACKAGING for packaging solutions made of paper; PRIVATE for invitations, greeting cards and stationery; ART for paper posters and crafts.

The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2019.