20. October 2022

Design­ing Emo­tion goes international

The new upgraded english edition is now available

hoch E - Designing Emotional Identity

How does design make the indestructible character of a drill tangible? Why does a brand become a trusted friend? And what emotions should intelligent gardening tools actually radiate?

The accurate communication and design of emotional worlds remain one of the greatest challenges for companies and professional design. Designing Emotion offers practical support here. Based on current research from neuroscience and psychology, the book presents tools for systematically analysing emotions and controlling them through precise use of form, colour and material. In addition to case studies and interviews, this edition offers insights into the design practice of successful companies.

  • Provides professional design instruments for influencing emotions
  • Includes a folding poster for the use of the method Emotion Grid©
  • With illustrative product analyses
  • Interviews and case studies show insights into the design practice of successful companies

Designing Emotion - Method and Strategies for Designers

English, 240 pagesBirkhäuser; 1. Edition (22. August 2022)Illustrations: 43 colour, 55 monochrome, 30 tables17.9 x 2.5 x 22.6 cm   ISBN: 978-3035623857
48,00 €
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Mareike Roth is an industrial designer who conceptualizes holistic relationships between brands, products, and users. In 2012, together with Oliver Saiz, she founded hochE — after the team had already performed extensive research along the interface between design and emotion. To investigate the effects of design on people‘s behaviour and experience even deeper, Mareike is expanding her expertise by studying psychology since 2022. Furthermore, she is a lecturer at various universities throughout Germany.
To understand people and to bring out their abilities is a labour of love for Oliver Saiz, co-founder of hochE. Therefore he has been conducting research in the field of design and emotion together with Mareike Roth since 2010. His professional activities encompass specialist publications and teaching, as well as many years of experience in design and consulting for startups and corporations. Fired by a desire for a future worth living for everyone, Oliver deploys his skills as a graphic designer and strategic industrial designer in concert with various organizations in order to move forward with ecological transformation.