Cre­ate the meta­verse. Workshop

"The concept of the Metaverse is much more than a video game, a VR application, or a PR coup by Facebook. In one sentence, it's best understood as the next - perhaps even better for society - stage in the evolution of the Internet." Michael Jonas, Simon Graff

The workshop will introduce the various platforms and technologies that can all be grouped under the concept of the Metaverse. From new-work environments, spatial networks to video games, the platforms offer a variety of functions that companies, brands and designers can use for themselves. In addition, different users and communities are addressed on the various platforms.

In the second, applied part of the workshop, participants will design their own avatars under guidance and explore the virtual world and the potential of a metaverse.


The workshop will be led by Prof. Michael Jonas and Simon Graff.

Michael Jonas is Professor of Digital Design and Brand Communication at the Brand University of Applied Science in Hamburg. Jonas has been teaching and researching in the field of augmented, virtual and mixed reality for eight years.

Simon Graff most recently managed XR and innovation projects at Hamburg-based media agency ROBA Impact as Director Innovation before founding Metaverse agency FOR REAL?! in 2021, which focuses on consulting at the intersection of digital trends, virtual experiences and (XR) technology. Simon is also active as a speaker, mentor, advisory board and consultant.

Target group

The event is aimed at companies, designers and interested professionals. Please note: Technical or design knowledge is not necessary.


To participate, please register first at Nuremberg Digital Festival. Afterwards you can purchase your ticket via Eventbrite.

Early Bird Ticket: 30 €

Regular Ticket: 45 €