30. April 2021

Cal­cu­la­tion tool VTV Design 2021

Designers from all sectors can't avoid the design remuneration agreement (VTV Design) if they want to determine fair and appropriate prices in line with the market. Since 1977, the calculation tool of the Alliance of German Designers (AGD) has provided orientation for an entire industry. In VTV Design 2021, not only have prices and projects now been adapted to the changed design reality, but it also appears for the first time as a user-friendly app.

Victoria Ringleb, Managing Director of AGD, notes: "It is very important to us that with the new VTV Design we are not digitizing a book, but providing a WebApp that meets the requirements of modern digital applications in terms of content, structure and design. The core element here is the idea of continuous further development of the app not in the AGD innovation lab, but in the entire design community."

The VTV Design uses the results of surveys among independent designers. It maps all common design services from ten design disciplines, and the effort required for each can be calculated. This makes the VTV Design a great orientation aid, especially for start-ups or new projects. The VTV Design is also an argumentation aid in negotiations with clients.