With five talks from design and related disciplines, MCBW TALK & CONNECT provides insights that change and expand our horizons of vision and thinking.

In times of social transformations and uncertainties, we long for more than purely technical or functional solutions. Following this year's MCBW annual theme "Moving Horizons", the talk format MCBW TALK & CONNECT is dedicated to our desires for emotionally and collaboratively designed models and ways of working to cope with necessary technical, sustainable or cultural changes.

Designers in particular can help shape these social transformations and provide orientation through an open and tangible mindset. In interdisciplinary talks we will give different insights on how to get active with design on a personal, scientific and entrepreneurial level: Does the holistic way of working in design help to shape change together with citizens* and other disciplines? How does design make scientific knowledge more tangible on an emotional level? How can design give form to our desires to trigger thought processes and change?

Speakers include Francesca Bria, Wolf Lotter, Sina Port and Ursula Tischner.

MCBW TALK & CONNECT is aimed at companies and their employees, politicians, designers and design enthusiasts. All talks will be translated into German resp. English.

Tickets for this hybrid event are available now.