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In addition to many other benefits, bayern design forum offers its members a Germany-wide network that opens perspectives and facilitates new contacts.

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As supporters of design, members of bayern design forum can help strengthen Bavaria as a site of design excellence.

Members can use bayern design forum’s communication media by having their companies listed on the bayern design website. bayern design is responsible for press relations and keeps members updated with newsletters.

Members can use the bayern design logo to strengthen their image as a promoter of quality design.

Members enjoy discounted admission fees to many events organized by bayern design.

Members receive discounted rental fees when they use bayern design’s attractive premises in Nuremberg for their events.

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For further information on membership in bayern design forum and/or on bayern design, please contact

Dr. Kilian Steiner
Head of Public Relations of bayern design
+49 911 2402231-31

Dr. Kilian Steiner


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