8. August 2017

MCBW meets Tegernsee

MCBW MEETS MB was the uncon­ven­tion­al slo­gan used in 2017 to bun­dle two forces for the cre­ative sec­tor: Munich Cre­ative Busi­ness Week (MCBW), the largest design event in Ger­many that orig­i­nates in an ini­tia­tive devised by the Bavar­i­an State Min­istry for Eco­nom­ic Affairs and is orga­nized by bay­ern design GmbH, and SMG Stan­dort­mar­ket­ing Gesellschaft Mies­bach decid­ed to join forces and enter into a region­al part­ner­ship in 2016.

The coop­er­a­tion of the urban and rur­al design and cre­ative scenes led to a series of events host­ed as part of MCBW this spring. The district’s high­light was the tour of Büt­ten­pa­pier­fab­rik GMUND attend­ed by approx­i­mate­ly 120 cre­ative minds from Munich and the dis­trict eager to get to know each oth­er, net­work, and exchange ideas and opin­ions. The day filled with lec­tures, work­shops and looks behind the scenes was as sur­pris­ing as it was fruit­ful and anoth­er joint event already has been planned for 2018.

The brain­storm­ing ses­sion with play­ers in the region­al cre­ative sec­tor took place on July 20 at LEDA&SCHWAN. Twen­ty-five invi­tees gath­ered under the July sun that ensured a true Copaca­bana feel­ing at what prob­a­bly is the hippest beach bar on Tegernsee Lake. To facil­i­tate the think­ing process, the direc­tor of MCBW, Sabine Unger, pro­vid­ed a detailed overview of MCBW, pre­sent­ed the most excit­ing loca­tions par­tic­i­pat­ing in 2017, and explained the planned divi­sion of the Design Days that has become nec­es­sary due to the par­tic­i­pa­tion of 65,000 vis­i­tors. Start­ing in 2018 the pro­gram will be divid­ed into two seg­ments, CRE­ATE BUSI­NESS! for experts and DESIGN SCHAU! for all oth­er friends of design.

Mies­bach dis­trict has been asked to arrange a con­vinc­ing and sound con­cept for a great event. After the input was shared, par­tic­i­pants divid­ed into groups of three to col­lect ini­tial ideas for the event which is planned to be one of the high­lights of the 2018 design event – a day chock-full with adven­ture and cre­ative ideas to show­case the ser­vices and skills of design­ers, artists and crafts­peo­ple liv­ing and work­ing in Mies­bach dis­trict. The loca­tion on the lake was both suit­able and unique and pro­vid­ed the ide­al back­drop for talk­ing and net­work­ing. All par­tic­i­pants were com­mit­ted to the task which result­ed in hands-on ideas that will be elab­o­rat­ed going for­ward. A pos­i­tive side effect: Play­ers of the region’s cre­ative scene joined ranks in action and had ample oppor­tu­ni­ties to get to know each other.

Viewed on site: Micol Krause (Fil­male, Mies­bach), Sophia Eham (Schreineri EHAM, Hausham), Julia Müller and Michael Nietham­mer (Kreativ-Instinkt, Mies­bach and Munich), Sabine Moser (Stadt­platz 10.0), Ver­e­na Zemme (punk­tum. medien&marketing), Alexan­dra Keil (Tra­cht­en Greif) and Bar­bara Zitz­mann (Cap­i­tal Gate Group). Yet anoth­er event excel­lent­ly pre­pared by region­al man­agers Ingrid Wilde­mann-Dominguez and Veroni­ka Müller.