8. March 2016

Top speak­ers at the MCBW Lectures

Is there such a thing as design ethics? What can we do to pro­mote eth­i­cal­ly respon­si­ble design? To explore the top­ic, the UnCon­fer­ence on Design & Ethics took us on a dis­cov­ery jour­ney where we stepped from known onto unknown ground. Thinkers and doers put their view­points up for dis­cus­sion and deci­sions on what we can do are reached together.

These guests were invit­ed: Prof. Dr. Wil­helm Vossenkuhl, LMU München (Philoso­phie), Prof. Ulrike Beate Guérot, Euro­pean Democ­ra­cy Lab (Poli­tik­wis­senschaften), Prof. Dr. Ruth Hagen­gru­ber, Uni­ver­sität Pader­born (Philoso­phie), Prof. Matthi­js van Dijk, Refram­ing Stu­dio (Design), Prof. Dr. Henk Oost­er­ling, Eras­mus Uni­ver­si­ty Rot­ter­dam / Rot­ter­dam Skill­ci­ty (Philoso­phie), Sophie Kri­er, Sophie Kri­er (Design) und Emi­ly Camp­bell, Cre­ative Edu­ca­tion Trust (Design).