8. March 2016

Top speak­ers at the MCBW Lectures

Is there such a thing as design ethics? What can we do to promote ethically responsible design? To explore the topic, the UnConference on Design & Ethics took us on a discovery journey where we stepped from known onto unknown ground. Thinkers and doers put their viewpoints up for discussion and decisions on what we can do are reached together.

These guests were invited: Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Vossenkuhl, LMU München (Philosophie), Prof. Ulrike Beate Guérot, European Democracy Lab (Politikwissenschaften), Prof. Dr. Ruth Hagengruber, Universität Paderborn (Philosophie), Prof. Matthijs van Dijk, Reframing Studio (Design), Prof. Dr. Henk Oosterling, Erasmus University Rotterdam / Rotterdam Skillcity (Philosophie), Sophie Krier, Sophie Krier (Design) und Emily Campbell, Creative Education Trust (Design).