MCBW LEC­TURES / Design­Bet­ter: UnCon­fer­ence on Design & Ethics

Alte Kon­gresshalle München
24. February 2016
13:00 – 18:15

Is there such a thing as design ethics? What can we do to pro­mote eth­i­cal­ly respon­si­ble design?

To explore the top­ic, the UnCon­fer­ence on Design & Ethics takes us on a dis­cov­ery jour­ney where we step from known onto unknown ground. Thinkers and doers put their view­points up for dis­cus­sion and deci­sions on what we can do are reached togeth­er. The exper­i­men­tal con­fer­ence set­ting facil­i­tates direct inter­ac­tion between experts and audi­ence. The results are uncer­tain – we may know less, we may do more. What is cer­tain is that we will share a com­mon expe­ri­ence – one day of DesignBetter.

Note: This is a not-for-design­ers-only event and requires per­son­al involve­ment! The Con­fer­ence will be held in English.

Lev­el A: The World — Design­ing Society
Thinker: Prof. em. Dr. Wil­helm Vossenkuhl (D), philosopher
Doer: Prof. Ulrike Beate Guérot (D), polit­i­cal scientist

Lev­el B: The Com­mu­ni­ty – Design­ing Col­lec­tive Awareness
Thinker: Prof. Dr. Ruth Hagen­gru­ber (D), philosopher
Doer: Prof. Matthi­js van Dijk (NL), design­er and entrepreneur

Lev­el C: The Per­son – Design­ing Relationships
Thinker: Prof. Dr. Henk Oost­er­ling (NL), philosopher
Doer: Sophie Kri­er (NL), designer

Mod­er­a­tor: Emi­ly Camp­bell, founder-direc­tor of Cre­ative Edu­ca­tion Acad­e­mies Trust (UK)

Con­cept: bay­ern design and Refram­ing Stu­dio, the Netherlands

Part­ner: AGD — Allianz deutsch­er Design­er, Die Neue Samm­lung — The Inter­na­tion­al Design Muse­um, VDID — Ver­band Deutsch­er Indus­trie Design­er e.V. and the Nether­lands (part­ner coun­try MCBW)

The MCBW LEC­TURES are orga­nized by bay­ern design and spon­sored by the Bavar­i­an State Min­istry of Eco­nom­ic Affairs and Media, Ener­gy and Technology.