What if we all generated our own energy? What if we constructed our homes on 3D printers? What if the products we consume grew from plants? What if mobility was accessible to everybody?

Digital technologies and biotechnology, upcycling and DIY strategies, concepts for self-sufficiency and community production are changing social structures and urban life substantially. Social design, open design and service design respond to the needs and ideas of urban dwellers and set new standards.

Designers and companies venture to take a look at the metropolis of the future and will answer the questions of “What if...” to take a stand.

Lectures and Speakers:
"What if we can 3D print buildings?", Hedwig Heinsman, DUS architects
"What if we designed our houses as integrated eco-systems?", Clive van Heerden und Jack Mama, vHM DesignFutures, London
"What if residential architecture contributes to public life?", Prof. Sophie Wolfrum, TU München
"What if we make cities more hospitable?", Ania Rosinke und Maciej Chmara, chmara.rosinke, Wien

After four introductory speeches the speakers will talk about "Metropolitan Ideas" in the following panel discussion. The lectures will be held in English.

MCBW LECTURES will be sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology.