13. December 2017

MCBW 2018

– our programme

From March 3 to 11, 2018, the seventh edition of Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) will offer expert audiences a trove of expert advice while design aficionados will be delighted by inspiring design. Following the theme “Design transforms”, this year’s edition offers a programme more comprehensive than ever and a broad range of topics to explore.

“In this day and age, design initiates change. Design touches people, makes technology tangible, changes the way we think and makes the most minute of differences visible. Design and architecture make us re-think, help us be creative and prompt us to create novel concepts for our every-day experiences – in both our work and private lives. Good design improves public life as well as the quality of life of everyone of us. I am delighted to further develop the success of MCBW and to present and highlight the city of Munich as a design hub and to welcome its visitors to our two events, CREATE BUSINESS! and DESIGN SCHAU!,” said Dr Silke Claus, CEO of Bayern design, organizer of MCBW. “Design represents an immense value for the economy at large, which is also illustrated by the fact that MCBW has enjoyed the support of BMW Group from its very beginning. Last year, Steelcase joined MCBW as one of its industrial partners, and this year, we are proud to announce our newly forged partnership with Microsoft.”

DESIGN SCHAU! is MCBW’s shop window, inviting all design aficionados to take a peek. During a total of 9 days, the show will present more than 150 events at over 120 locations throughout the city of Munich, offering audiences the opportunity to have a look, try something new and gain a better understanding of design. With its many exhibitions, vernissages, events and activities, Munich will present itself as a vibrant design capital while MCBW’s organizer, bayern design, ensured that this year’s DESIGN SCHAU! will lead its visitors straight to the heart of Bavarian and international design. One of the highlights of the 2018 edition will be the two-day midnight bazaar, a major event featuring shopping opportunities and other activities alike. “DEsigned in Bavaria”, an exhibition organized by the German association of industrial designers (VDID), will offer visitors yet another highlight by making design tangible via a collaboration with USM Industriedesign.

As part of CREATE BUSINESS! MCBW will offer DESIGN DIALOGS to present great ideas, sustainable trends and new products. With numerous conferences, symposiums and workshops such as this year’s exclusive newbie, a range of workshops offered by the Art Directors Club of Germany (ADC), DESIGN DIALOGS will ensure knowledge transfer for young creative talents. The universal design competition held at Oskar von Miller Forum will once again be part of this year’s programme, as will EDCH presenting its new theme “The Idea Conference for Editorial Design” and TOCA ME.

As in previous years, MCBW FORUM will once again be the central meeting point located at Deutsches Museum, where a carefully curated exhibition and numerous lectures will illustrate this year’s theme “Design transforms”. As such, MCBW FORUM 2018 will be the place to explore for all design aficionados and the place to exchange ideas for all professional creative minds.

MCBW START UP will enter its fourth successful season in 2018. Its CREATIVE DEMO NIGHT will once more be presented at Muffathalle, just opposite MCBW Forum at Museumsinsel. As a hot spot of creativity, the region of Miesbach will act as MCBW’s regional, Bavarian partner for the second time running. And last but not least, MCBW 2018 will present the award ceremony of the biannual fashion award of Munich, Münchner Modepreis. In 2018, Munich Creative Business Week invites all participants and visitors to be an active part of these exciting and inspiring exchanges.