4. July 2016

MCBW 2017

Apply NOW

If you would like to participate in MCBW 2017 with a project, an event, a location, or a Creative Spot, please apply by October 7, 2016.

DESIGN CONNECTS – THE SMART REVOLUTION, Germany's biggest design event will take place from March 4 to 12, 2017.

After the overwhelming success of this year’s Munich Creative Business Week with roundabout 190 events that attracted more than 60,000 visitors, we are pleased to deliver yet another extensive program for the upcoming MCBW. The Republic of Korea will follow Denmark and the Netherlands as the MCBW Partner Country.

These are the five focal themes of MCBW 2017:

Smart People: Co-working spaces inspire, digitalization simplifies, collaborative consumption designs, crowd-sourcing enables, and upcycling preserves the future. Always with an eye on connecting people.

Smart Objects include wearables for the entire body. eHealth increases our quality of life, smart grids supply and, at the same time, save energy continuously, cyber-physical systems enable communications between software and mechanics. Design ensures that all this occurs with people in mind.

Smart Cities: Returning production sites to the cities is an actual vision of the future that requires shaping. Topics include smart mobility, smart growth, and smart homes.

Smart Economy: How do you buy time? You can, for example, deploy intelligent processes such as computer-integrated manufacturing, the Internet of Things, or smart factories.

Smart Brands: Brands no longer are developed and communicated top-down but interactively, jointly with users. Brands tell stories and listen, they are adaptable and elastic, they kindle our desire for honest communications.

We also will continue our series of Meetings of MCBW Regulars in the run-up of the event. The first meeting will take place at the Rosenthal showroom at Schäfflerhof at Theatinerstraße 1. Partners and friends of MCBW will again have the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with each other and with the MCBW team in a wonderful, hospitable environment.

To register for the first Meeting of MCBW Regulars, please send an informal e-mail to  contact@mcbw.de by September 8. Also, please contact us if you would like to host one of the following meetings, on October 11 or November 8.