1. June 2016

MCBW 2017: The Smart Revolution

The 2017 edition of MCBW will direct the spotlight on Design Connects – The Smart Revolution to illustrate that design not only connects people with products and new technologies – design revolutionizes, design joins aspects across disciplines, design challenges the status quo. Thus, it is essential to the politics of innovation.

In its sixth year, MCBW will offer an inspiring mix of conferences, workshops, award ceremonies, exhibitions, tours, and multiple other events and campaigns hosted by diverse partners for professionals and all those interested in design.

To organize your own event and become a partner of the largest design venue in Germany or to highlight the bandwidth of Bavarian culture in a Creative Spot, please submit your application by October 7.

Design Connects – The Smart Revolution

The impact of technology on human behavior has never been greater than it is today. Technology alters our communication radically, and intensifies our craving for functionality. In what ways can we influence this revolution to ensure that it addresses the people? What can we do to shape digital unrest so that it does not turn against people’s freedom and autonomy? Because we need smart design to achieve these goals and get the people on board, the motto of MCBW 2017 is Design Connects – The Smart Revolution. Design la révolution!

These are the five focal themes of MCBW 2017:

Smart People: Co-working spaces inspire, digitalization simplifies, collaborative consumption designs, crowd-sourcing enables, and upcycling preserves the future. Always with an eye on connecting people.

Smart Objects include wearables for the entire body. eHealth increases our quality of life, smart grids supply and, at the same time, save energy continuously, cyber-physical systems enable communications between software and mechanics. Design ensures that all this occurs with people in mind.

Smart Cities: Returning production sites to the cities is an actual vision of the future that requires shaping. Topics include smart mobility, smart growth, and smart homes.

Smart Economy: How do you buy time? You can, for example, deploy intelligent processes such as computer-integrated manufacturing, the Internet of Things, or smart factories.

Smart Brands: Brands no longer are developed and communicated top-down but interactively, jointly with users. Brands tell stories and listen, they are adaptable and elastic, they kindle our desire for honest communications.


MCBW 2017 will again offer a host of unique highlights and creative ideas. The Republic of Korea will be the exclusive Country Partner of the sixth MCBW. “We set great store by our partnership with the Republic of Korea because the country is the perfect example of lived design. We have built our close relationship for many years, attending conferences and diverse trade shows together,“ says Dr. Silke Claus, Managing Director of bayern design.

In addition to BMW, MCBW has signed up another major sponsor: Steelcase, the leading global manufacturer of office furnishings and innovative solutions for rooms, and the symbol of innovative, sustainable design.